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Avoid employee management & HR onboarding time-wasting. Employment Hero software integrates directly with Xero to save you time — here’s how it works.

Employment Hero will help you avoid the the headaches of employee management and HR. Ensuring that your business is managing payroll, employees, engagement, and benefits while remaining compliant can be an extremely time-consuming task.

Employment Hero is a complete HR management solution for all sizes of business. The platform integrates directly with Xero, automatically sharing transactional HR tasks with the Xero cloud accounting suite in order to free up time for more important business tasks.

We’ll proceed to break down the key features of Employment Hero to help you determine whether it’s the right employee and HR management solution for your business.

What is Employment Hero?

Employment Hero is a cloud-based employee and HR management suite that provides businesses with a wide range of tools for onboarding new staff, managing payroll, providing induction content, gathering employee feedback, and more.

The team behind the solution boasts that the platform can reduce the amount of time spent on HR-related tasks by up to 80% — which is highly likely considering the range of automation tools the platform offers.

The solution allows users to keep all of their policies and procedures in one place and share it across as many users as needed, and creates a completely paperless HR ecosystem backed up by a robust set of payroll management tools.

Employment Hero Plans & Pricing

Employment Hero offers two separate pricing options alongside a free option that allows users to try out the platform before committing. The free plan provides users with basic functionality that includes staff directory, onboarding, employee surveys, contract, and HR guides, but doesn’t offer the more complex features necessary for complete HR management.

The standard plan is priced at $6 per employee per month, and provides users with a full spectrum of employee management features that include onboarding, daily timesheets, leave management, audit, safety, and incidence reporting, content management, and workflow management.

Employee Hero’s Premium plan is priced at $9 per employee per month, and includes all of the standard plan features in addition to employee file audit trail functionality, employee allowances and benefits, weekly timesheets, performance reviews, company announcements, goal setting, and a range of additional features.

The dedicated smartphone app that comes with the solution is a major benefit — available for both iOS and Android, the Employment Hero app allows employees and businesses to manage all HR-related tasks at any time.

HR Management

The HR management functionality offered by Employment Hero provides businesses with the ability to bring new staff on board with a paperless onboarding process that integrates letters of offer and e-contracts, as well as automated induction materials.

Paperless timesheets allow employees to submit their timesheets online, which can then be approved by managers at any time via the smartphone app.  Comprehensive employee management tools like paperless leave requests and approvals provide employees with a clear breakdown of their entitlements, while organizational charts deliver easy-to-understand staff directory features to all team members.

Employee Engagement

HR management isn’t limited to payroll and leave tracking — engaging with your team is essential in order to run a successful business. Employment Hero provides team members with an employee portal that allows them to perform tasks such as submit leave requests, view payslips, and update banking details via the mobile app.

Employment Hero also offers performance review functionality that allows businesses to track and review the successes of employees. The performance review features include review templates, as well as customizable rating scales and goal-setting features that allow businesses to set and track specific KPIs.

Employment Hero & Xero

Employment Hero is designed to seamlessly integrate with the Xero cloud accounting suite, making it possible to automatically sync employee information directly from Xero to Employment Hero. One-click payroll integration allows businesses to automate the administrative tasks associated with payroll and HR management, ensuring all employee related accounting tasks are recorded accurately with minimal effort.

Employment Hero allows Xero users to dramatically reduce the amount of time spent on HR, while improving employee engagement. For more information on getting Employment Hero and Xero set up at your business, reach out to Fullstack today.

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