Financial Modelling

The essential tool for raising capital and forecasting business performance.

Help Investors Understand How
Your Business Works Financially.

Structured Forecasts

Build in graphs and identify the key metrics that will determine your venture’s success. Show your financial storyline to potential investors with more clarity.

Considered Strategy

Trial ‘what if’ outcomes like different pricing plans or headcount and gauge the impact to cashflow & profitability.


A DCF valuation can be used to provide extra confidence to investors or add to the case for a valuation for potential transaction.

With our financial modelling
expertise, you’ll find
answers to questions like...

financial modelling data
  • The break-even point of your business.
  • The impact of different pricing strategies.
  • Whether you’re financially ready to hire more staff.
  • Headline estimates for the value of your business.
  • Whether you can take on a new lease.
  • The effectiveness of different funding strategies.
  • The returns on investment for various business lines.

All-In-One & Easy-To-Use
Financial Modelling for Business

accounting reports

 Satisfaction Guaranteed

We have a proven procedure for developing robust financial models for your business.


Financial modelling that accommodates multiple offerings and business models ready to scale.

Investor Ready

Illustrate your financial plans in detail to show how investments today deliver ROI in the future.

Straightforward process

No heavy finance expertise required – we workshop the financial model with you.

Set up the perfect platform for VCFO advisory services moving forward.

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Standard Financial Model



  • 1-2 revenue streams
  • MVP Level
  • Assumptions page
  • Cashflow forecast
  • DCF Valuation
  • P&L page
  • Headcount considerations

Premium Financial Model



  • 3+ revenue streams
  • Complex business drivers
  • Different tax jurisdictions
  • Established business
  • Assumptions page
  • Cashflow forecast
  • DCF Valuation
  • P&L page
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cost departments
  • Headcount considerations

+ Add Ons

Market Research  

from $1,500

Get additional industry data to support your assumptions.

Priority Processing


When you need it now. Premium turnaround time.

Pitch Slides


Professional slides & graphs to accompany your pitch deck.

All services quoted ex. GST

Capital Raising Support

Raise your round, and enter the dataroom in confidence with our essential capital raising support services.

financial model testimonial

The financial model gave us clarity around the various drivers that make up our business as well as revealing areas of the business that need to be worked on.

One of the directors at Macquarie Capital, after looking at our financial model mentioned that it was one of the best ones he had seen so far in his career.

Highly recommend Fullstack’s financial modelling expertise, knowing that it will support you in the journey to growing your business.”

Davyn De Bruyn – MD, Thread Harvest

From $500 (simple) to $1,000 (complex)

Chart out your cap table effectively capturing the finer details of all stakeholders current and incoming.


  • Producing or reworking a cap table to reflect the company’s history and projected raise.
  • Discussions around valuation and share issue details.


  • Regular turnaround time 1-2 weeks.

From $300 (per share trxn / investor)

The fundraising process can involve a lot of activity in back office administration. We manage the paperwork & ASIC for you.


  • Actions with ASIC, updates to member’s register, associated minutes & share certificates.


  • Regular turnaround time 1-2 weeks.
  • Includes up to 2 edits.

From $2,000

A detailed valuation report for your business which is useful to present to serious investors for capital raising and business exits.


  • Detailed 16 page valuation report to give you a solid platform to
    negotiate from and includes valuations from 5 different methods.
  • Reviewing your existing financial model.
  • Results comparison utilising the most complete startup & private company database in the world.


  • 1-2 workshops in-person or online.
  • Regular turnaround time 2-3 weeks (excluding ATO processing).
  • Discussions during and after report preparation.
  • Up to 2 revisions of the report within three months if necessary

From $9,000

A detailed investment memorandum for your business ideal for later stages of capital raising.


  • Detailed 20-30 page report covering the following:
    • Purpose, performance and goals
    • Product or service or technology
    • Management team, Market & IP
    • Financials & Funding
  • Reviews for comprehensive and accurate information about the business.


  • 2-4 workshops in-person or online with our corporate finance specialists & other select professionals.
  • Regular turnaround time 4-8 weeks.
  • Up to 2 revisions of the document within three months if necessary.

Help your business look superb.

Ask Fullstack for a ‘demo’ on a financial model that illustrates your vision to stakeholders in financial terms.