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Founders Course

Launching a startup can be a challenging endeavour. The Startup Onramp Founders Course provides startup founders with the basic know-how necessary to launch a successful startup from scratch, without the price tag of private mentorship.

Launching a startup in Australia is no simple process. Small businesses and startups in Australia work against a failure rate of nearly 90 percent, with many startup founders finding it difficult to navigate the complex Australian startup ecosystem.

The success of a startup doesn’t depend on funding alone. To date, a handful of Australian startups have achieved “unicorn” status, reaching a valuation of over $1 billion while privately held.

These startups — which include Sydney-based design platform Canva, Melbourne-based fintech startup Airwallex, and Sydney-based neo bank Judo — all found success in the Australian startup environment, but the path to a $1 billion startup valuation is not an easy one.

Before even seeking external capital – startup founders’ biggest challenges can be logistical — how does a startup founder plan the launch of a new venture, make new connections, or structure a company from the ground up while remaining legally compliant?

There are a number of mastermind groups available to prospective startup founders that deliver one-on-one guidance and coaching from successful entrepreneurs, startup founders, and venture capitalists, but these resources can be expensive. Some Australian startup mastermind groups, for example, can cost startup founders almost $10,000 per year.

The Startup Onramp Founder’s Course provides Australian startup founders with a cost-effective, approachable alternative to one-on-one mentorship that provides a far deeper level of guidance at a friendly price point.

What is the Founders Course?

The Startup Onramp Founders Course is a comprehensive online course designed to provide prospective startup founders with all of the information and guidance necessary to launch a successful startup from anywhere in the world.

Rather than place founders in a time-consuming, expensive one-on-one mentor relationship, the Founders Course provides founders with a systematic approach to startup execution from the ground up. The entire course is presented as a series of online videos aimed at early-stage startup founders.

The Founders Course isn’t limited to video content, however. In addition to delivering a comprehensive framework that can be used to construct a startup launch strategy, Founders Course provides startup founders with the opportunity to learn from highly experienced mentors alongside benefits from Amazon Web Services, Hubspot, Lawpath and even Fullstack.

What Does the Founders Course Cover?

The Founders Course takes a progressive approach to creating a startup from scratch, and is designed to guide a startup founder from the basic idea of a startup through idea assessment, testing, and minimum viable product development to recruiting, team management, product launching, customer acquisition, and legal structure.

The Founders Course also contains in-depth guidance focused on raising startup capital and capturing funding from investors, and is suitable for both pre-launch startups and startups that are already underway.

The Founders Course is split into three sections, each of which contain 10 modules. The first section, Startup essentials, covers fundamental terminology, core concepts, and an examination of what propels startups towards success or failure alongside idea testing and validation.

The second section of the Founders Course covers product launching, and includes modules focused on how to launch an MVP, legal basics, team recruitment and management, and how to successfully communicate your startup vision through an engaging pitch.

The third section of the Founders Course focuses on growth and funding, providing detailed guidance on digital marketing, how to raise capital, diversity in startups, and how to navigate the complex startup ecosystem.

What Advantages Does the Founders Course Deliver?

In addition to providing startup founders with 30 fifteen-minute video modules, the Founders Course also includes deep-dive case studies with successful startup founders, investors, and subject matter experts.

The interactive community elements of the Founders Course deliver a major advantage to Australian startup founders that would otherwise be unavailable or out of budget. Startup Onramp maintains an active support community that allows Founders Course members to communicate in an online cohort, as to receive online individual feedback from course creator Colin Kinner.

Importantly, the Founders Course participates in the Amazon Web Services Activate program, which provides Founders Course members with $5,000 worth of AWS credits and a year of AWS business support, as well as a 90 percent discount on HubSpot CRM software. An additional free year of LawPath provides startup founders with unlimited access to legal guides and startup-friendly documents.

Who is Behind the Startup Onramp Founders Course?

The Founders Course is the brainchild of Colin Kinner, a startup ecosystem leader with over twenty years of experience in guiding startups from ideation to launch and funding. Previously, Kinner has operated as the program director for the Horizons Accelerator, the CEO of ilab incubator, and has led several Silicon Valley missions.

Kinner is supported by over 20 startup founders and subject matter experts that lend expertise to Founders Course members through deep dives on specific topics.

Have Startup Onramp Alumni Launched Successful Startups?

Startup Onramp publishes an extensive list of startups that have launched via its programs over the last three years. While most of those startups are currently operating live businesses, several have captured funding by leveraging the networking opportunities Startup Onramp provides.

Replica Studios, an AI-powered synthetic voice company, successfully raised a $3.7m seed round led by investors introduced to the founder, Shreyas Nivas, when he took part in a Startup Onramp course. SurePact, an enterprise SaaS company led by Megan Avard, captured two separate $100,000 Ignite Ideas grants from the Queensland state government, now has a team of ten and is generating significant revenues.

Startup Onramp Founders Course Price

The Startup Onramp Founders Course is priced at $497, which includes all elements of the course, additional AWS, LawPath, HubSpot resources and ongoing support. You may also notice a special bonus from Fullstack! The Founders Course can be purchased upfront, or via 3 monthly payments. Importantly, the Founders Course is covered by a 60-day money back guarantee.

The Startup Onramp Pre-Accelerator

Startup founders interested in pushing their startup concept further are able to sign up for the Startup Onramp Pre-Accelerator, an intensive program designed to assist startup founders in the transition from full-time work to startup operation.

The Startup Onramp Pre-Accelerator consists of 12 weeks of workshops, group work, and facilitator-led group discussion that covers a myriad of topics such as disruptive innovation, common pitfalls and mistakes, value proposition composition, branding, lean startup approaches, and more.

The Pre-Accelerator culminates with a pitch night that allows startup founders to pitch their startup concept to the local community and potential investors, delivering critical pitching experience and actionable insight into startup operation.

Key Takeaways

The Founders Course provides startup founders with a straightforward, systematic approach to launching a startup that demystifies the complex launch process. By arming founders with the basic knowledge required to conceptualize, refine, structure, and launch a startup, the Founders Course functions as an approachable entry point that gives founders a competitive edge when entering the startup ecosystem.

Launching a startup is a complex process that can raise complex questions regarding legal, company, and tax structuring. If you’re considering launching a startup and want to ensure your business is structured in the most efficient way possible, reach out to Fullstack for comprehensive startup guidance today.

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