Establishing a Company as a Non-Citizen


Are you thinking about starting and running a business in Australia from another country? No need to stress! A great start is the right work visa. Learn about the best visa for your situation and understand your responsibilities with simple explanations.

When you embark on a business journey as a non-citizen, here’s what you should have in your knowledge bank:

  • Determine the necessary visa type

  • Secure the appropriate visa

  • Familiarize yourself with legal and governmental prerequisites for Australian businesses.

Step 1: Grasp the Visa Procedure

The Department of Home Affairs holds the reins of Australian business visas. If you aren’t an Australian citizen or a permanent resident, securing a visa becomes imperative for working in Australia.

Before you embark on the visa application journey, there’s a preliminary step. A state or territory government must nominate you.

Here’s the general route to follow:

  • Express your interest by using the Department of Home Affairs’ SkillSelect online platform.

  • Await an invitation from a state, territory government, or Austrade’s CEO to apply for the visa. You can patiently anticipate their contact or take the initiative to reach out to them.

  • Once you receive an invitation, you’re eligible to apply for the visa. This necessitates fulfilling specific criteria and furnishing the necessary documents to validate your application.

Step 2: Discover Your Ideal Visa Match

When it comes to non-citizens aspiring to lead businesses in Australia, tailored visa choices await.

Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) Visa:

For those already equipped with business acumen, the Business Innovation and Investment provisional visa is a potential path. Crafted for individuals with business expertise, this provisional visa greenlights the management of new or existing Australian businesses.

If granted, this visa remains valid for 4 years and 3 months. Plus, fulfilling specific requirements could open doors to applying for a permanent visa.

Business Talent Visas:

If you’ve been nominated by a state or territory government agency, invited to apply for the visa, and possess the necessary financial backing or assets, the Business Talent visa is within reach. This visa is permanent and comes in two variants:

  • Significant Business History Stream:

Tailored for adept business proprietors aiming to steer new or established enterprises in Australia. Eligibility hinges on:

a net worth of at least AUD $1.5 million
an annual business turnover of at least AUD $3 million.

  • Venture Capital Entrepreneur Stream:

Designed for entrepreneurs kickstarting new ventures in Australia with venture capital funding from a member of the Australian Investment Council (AIC). Eligibility criteria involve having a minimum of AUD $1 million in Australian venture capital funding to nurture a high-value business concept.

For comprehensive guidance on a suitable business visa, navigate to the “Explore Your Visa Options” section on the Home Affairs website.

Step 3: Establish Your Business Down Under

The investment of time and funds necessary to initiate and sustain an Australian business can vary considerably. The extent of this depends on your chosen business type and the requisite resources and licenses. To navigate this process, consult the following references:

By tapping into these resources, you can pave a smooth path to setting up and managing your enterprise in Australia.

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