This app conveniently gathers all your relevant financial documents and exports them into Xero. Works wonders with bills, receipts, statements and emails. Connect with your accounts so recurring bills and statements will automatically be retrieved by Hubdoc and be added to your secure account in the cloud.

Streamlines your contracts and proposals and customer information into one convenient platform. Wrap e-signatures into the mix and you have an impressive sale conversion at your fingertips.

Have your invoices paid faster with Billpower. Accept payments online via credit card – and pass on merchant fees to customers where requested. All streams through effortlessly in Xero.

Our online outsourced payroll solution of choice, where timesheets, leave entitlements, payslips are all managed in a simple 4 step payroll process.

When upgrading your old accounting system to the phenomenon that is Xero, you can’t go wrong by utilising the team at Jet Convert for a quick, reliable conversion.