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Visible is a powerful new investor relations platform that can significantly boost the engagement of your fundraising rounds. We talk what’s what with our Visible review.

Relationships are the foundation of the startup industry. Launching a new business or investing in a startup means forging new connections with key stakeholders. Networking and communicating with potential investors or promising startup founders, however, can be complex and time consuming.

Visible is an investor relationship hub that is designed to facilitate streamlined communication between founders and investors. Functioning as an investor relationship hub, Visible provides founders with the ability to update investors, raise capital, and track a broad spectrum of metrics from a single platform.

What is Visible

Visible is a complete toolkit that allows founders to communicate with and impress investors with a variety of updates and data to catalyze interaction. The Visible platform provides users with a CM that centralizes key metrics and data points, providing founders with the ability to manage relationships throughout the fundraising process.

In addition to providing founders with the tools they need to succeed, Visible delivers a complete portfolio reporting system to investors that allows them to gain actionable insight into their portfolio companies.

What Can Visible Do for Founders?

The core function of Visible for founders is a means of creating momentum throughout the fundraising process and gathering real-time data on a business. Using Visible, it’s possible to identify investors, forge new connections, and execute a fundraising round through a streamlined, easy to use interface.

Visible Connect is Visible’s database of over 10,000 investors. Curated lists of investors allow founders to sort through potential investors and sort via a tag-based system. By combining qualified investors from the Visible Connect database, founders are able to directly connect with potential investors to share data such as updates, metrics dashboards, or pitch decks.

The functionality of Visible doesn’t stop at the prospecting stage, however. The Visible CRM delivers tracking features that provide insight into who is interested in the fundraising process, allowing founders to understand the engagement rates of a fundraising campaign. A top-level view of the fundraising pipeline presents simple, actionable workflows that can be used to manage the various steps of the fundraising process.

Workflows are provided via a simple template system that can be customized and tailored to the specific needs of a startup. The collateral distribution system integrated into the Visible CRM makes the process of sending and tracking KPI dashboards, updates, and pitch decks extremely straightforward, freeing up founder time to focus on business development.

Charting and Communicating With Visible

Visible also includes powerful charting tools that can be used to rapidly compose and publish metrics from a broad spectrum of data sources, with the ability to add notes or quantitative context in order to effectively communicate the story that the data represents. Charts and data are presented via dashboards, which can be sent directly to team members or potential investors.

Various data add-ons allow founders to discover new insights, accelerating the decision making process through variance reporting and formula building tools. The ease with which founders are able to share key insights with stakeholders improves team accountability, minimizing communication friction and allowing startups to identify knowledge gaps and connect with investors that can deliver advice or expertise.

What Can Visible Do for Investors?

Visible also provides a range of powerful tools aimed at improving efficiency for investors. A portfolio monitoring and reporting tool allows investors to maintain real-time communication with founders, facilitating productive collaboration between stakeholders.

The investor to startup relationship platform offered by Visible provides seamless automated company updates and reporting, allowing portfolio companies to create Visible accounts in order to deliver data. Update requests can create friction within the investor/founder relationship — Visible provides investors with a tool that creates custom update requests for various portfolio segments, minimizing the amount of time spent on reminders or follow ups.

As a simplified portfolio management platform, Visible helps investors maintain awareness of portfolio data through metric alerts. Data aggregation tools automatically calculate metrics across entire portfolios, while a simple dashboard and charging UI makes it easy to chart and share key data.

Portfolio Management With Visible

Portfolio management can rapidly become a time-consuming task. Visible functions as a system that collects and structures portfolio and investment data on an automated basis, minimizing administrative time costs and allowing investors to focus on prospecting for new investments or collaborating with founders.

The Visible portfolio management tools collects and analyzes financial, impact, and operation metrics while tracking portfolio and company performance — notes can be composed and stored regarding company performance, while comprehensive reports such as tear sheets, dashboard, and LP reports can be created on an ad hoc basis and stored for later use.

Visible currently supports SAFEs, convertible notes, and equity rounds within the automated report generating tool, which allows investors to highlight key data such as FMV, investment amount, and valuations.

The Visible Update Template Library

The Visible update template library is one of the most powerful tools provided by the Visible platform. The library contains templates for updates across every format and subject imaginable, including seed round, leadership, sales and marketing, client report, investor, fundraising, accelerator, and angel investor updates.

Visible Plans and Pricing

Visible offers four separate plans — Lite, Pro, Scale, and Investor. Each plan can be tested for free on a 14-day free trial.

The Lite plan, priced at $25 per month, is designed for early-stage startups and provides simple investor updates and fundraising functionality alongside all update features, limited to 100 recipients. Tracking features are limited to CSV uploads and metric insights, but the Lite plan does provide full access to the fundraising CRM and Visible connect.

The Pro plan, aimed at companies seeking to engage further with current investors and connect with new investors, is priced at $99 per month and includes all of the features of the Lite plan with additional integrations, dashboards, and Zapier functionality. Update recipients are expanded to 500, with live chat available for support.

The Scale plan is specifically designed for companies seeking a white label solution that provides deeper insight and a greater degree of customization. Priced at $149, the Scale plan offers unlimited update recipients in addition to the variance reporting and formula builder tools.

Visible Review – key takeaways

Visible is a robust, powerful platform that provides startups and businesses of all sizes with a streamlined and easy-to-use toolkit for approaching and managing relations with investors. The investor features provided by Visible can significantly reduce administrative friction during portfolio management. Both parties are able to directly connect with each other through the Visible connect platform, making Visible an indispensable tool for investors and founders alike.

Navigating the fundraising ecosystem can get complicated. If you’re considering launching a funding round or are focused on improving operational efficiencies within your portfolio management workflow, reach out to Fullstack for guidance today.

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