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Seed Funding


Seed funding is a cornerstone of getting your startup in full momentum. Creating a compelling proposition for investors however comes with its own set of requirements.

Our team of financial and entrepreneurial mentors help founders best translate their business vision to correlate to the expectations of investors. As business coaches and mentors, we dive deep into the core matters to effect innovative and positive breakthroughs.

Don’t approach the challenge of fundraising without support – our trusted independent mentors will help guide you past the pitfalls to achieve success.

We keep your goals front-of-mind

By keeping year-round contact through our strategy sessions we maintain your best interests for a truly personalised service. Receive the very best information, advice & support to maximise the value of your business.

You will also have access to our network of legal, investment and commercial partners to support your broader needs.

Build your business together with the collective talent of our network.

  • Craft your Pitch Decks with the best in the VC community.
  • VC approved Financial Models to satisfy the sophisticated investor.
  • Company Valuations according to the popular DCF method.
  • Managing the DD process including dataroom preparation.

1) Identify and Strategise

We get to understand your vision and where your venture is to date. Then we formulate a capital raising strategy.

2) Tools of the trade

We polish your venture for investor readiness through a compelling pitch deck, branding and a VC-approved financial model.

3) Investor Roadshow & DD

Expect invitations to established investors once ready and assistance with the due diligence process.


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