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“90% of all millionaires become so through real estate.”  ― Andrew Carnegie



Property investments represent a solid means of creating wealth for the Australian investor.   With the level of funds involved, it is essential that that the right expertise is sought to maximise and manage the wealth from the investment effectively.

When purchasing a property investment, investors should be asking themselves:

• Is this property going to be cashflow positive?

• What ownership structure should I have for owning the property?

• How can maximise my claim for tax purposes?

• In what way should I finance the investment?

• What if I need to sell in the future?

Fullstack will steer you in the right direction particularly being in the property game ourselves. We have provided key intel around the property purchase and financing process for dozens of clients, and have in-depth understanding of the unique joys and occasional dramas with owning property investments.

Our team will help you every step of the way, addressing and advising on the intricacies impacting you with the purchase – even the ones you may not be aware of yet.

Well-rounded Property Wealth Advice

We’re much more than tax-time property experts. We are here all year round as your experienced property wealth consultant to guide you through the property investment cycle including:

• Due diligence evaluations of potential properties

• Property selection and analysis

• Cashflow & capital gains forecasts

• Recommendation regarding the best ownership structure for your situation

• Review of the four taxes; Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Land Tax & Stamp Duty

• Managing the purchase and sale process of your investment for accounting and tax purposes

• Regular tax return compliance

• Preparation of Income Tax instalment variations

• Bookkeeping regarding the day to day running of the investment

We also liaise with your conveyancer, buyer agents and/or mortgage broker to ensure a smooth transaction for your property.

Tap into the expertise of property investing accountants

We walk the talk. Being avid property investors ourselves, we share expertise not only with the purchase but with the growth of your entire portfolio. Our independent advice will help you grow and protect your portfolio, but also provide the means to maximise the tax deductions available with your investment.

A Tailored Mortgage lending service

Partner with our brokers who are tailor their services specifically towards investors accumulating their portfolio in property. We have your best interests in mind, and having developed our portfolio ourselves you can be sure our professional expertise will make a positive impact to your investments.


Ready to find out why we are the best in the business of scaling your portfolio exponentially? We would love to chat with you and discover how Fullstack give you better traction around your cashflow.


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