Pomodoro in Action: PomoDone App Review

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The Pomodoro technique is a highly effective method of improving productivity — but tracking your work time across multiple projects can be difficult. PomoDone provides users with a seamless method of following a Pomodoro schedule.

Setting up a time tracking tool can significantly improve your workflow efficiency and productivity. Time tracking apps are able to improve the accuracy of time tracking practices, but can be difficult to integrate with existing productivity tools.

PomoDone is a versatile time tracking & time blocking app that seamlessly integrates with a broad range of time tracking tools such as Trello, Asana, and more, providing professionals with simple time tracking functionality with minimal integration issues.

Why Track Your Work Time with PomoDone?

Time tracking is a highly effective method of quantifying and increasing productivity. Whether you’re planning on following a time management technique such as time blocking or simply focused on using your work time in a more efficient manner, good tools can help you uncover insight into work flows, productivity patterns, and workplace behaviors.

Achieving your business goals means setting concrete goals. The best way to achieve these goals is to break long-term targets down into yearly, monthly, and weekly KPIs. Time tracking can be used to track KPIs such as efficiency, capacity, and profitability, as well as identity interruptions, procrastination, disruptive tools or actions, and the impact of unplanned tasks.

Managing time allows professionals to eliminate multitasking, stick to productivity schedules, and establish productivity patterns that promote deep work states. Time management isn’t as simple as setting a timer, however — using specifically-designed tracking tools can dramatically improve the accuracy and effectiveness of time tracking.

Pomodone is a time tracking app that allows users to track specific tasks and measure productivity by connecting to existing workflow tools, minimizing administrative friction and delivering a highly accurate assessment of the tasks you perform and how long they take.

What is PomoDone?

PomoDone is a time tracking tool designed for use with the Pomodoro time blocking technique made famous by the likes of Elon Musk & Bill Gates. The Pomodoro technique focuses on breaking down work into 25 minute intervals, with short breaks between each interval.

PomoDone complements the Pomodoro time blocking technique by automatically breaking down scheduled tasks into Pomodoro intervals. The biggest advantage offered by PomoDone is the manner in which it integrates with different productivity tools — PomoDone integrates with productivity tools and platforms such as Trello, Evernote, Asana, Basecamp, and Slack, automatically gathering tasks and keeping track of work time.

PomoDone Pricing & Plans

PomoDone offers users two different plans. As well there licensing packages to cover multiple users.

The PomoDone Lite plan, priced at roughly $3.20 AUD per month, provides users with six months of log access, integrations with three different productivity tools, weekly and monthly mailing reports, and support for subtasks such as Trello checklists and Google Tasks subtasks.

Users seeking expanded functionality are offered the PomoDone Ultimate plan, which provides users with unlimited integrations and log access as well as subtask support across all supported apps and reporting functionality.

Businesses that plan to integrate PomoDone across multiple users are offered two different license packages — a five license pack, which provides five Ultimate plans on a monthly basis for roughly $40 AUD per month, or a ten license pack, which provides ten Ultimate plans for roughly $72.50 per month.

Both PomoDone plans can be tested on a free trial basis, allowing users to assess the productivity impact of the app before committing. Free Starter Plans are also available, offering basic functionality that includes two integrations from a limited list of productivity apps, tracking for up to five projects, and one single month of log access.

Users seeking to create a customized package are able to add on integration for specific apps — the Lite plan, for example, offers integration with three productivity tools, which can be expanded on a modular basis. Additional integration is priced at around $3.20 AUD per month.

PomoDone Features & Integration

PomoDone offers basic time tracking functionality based on the Pomodoro technique, and is thus focused solely on breaking down tasks into 25 minute segments. The major advantage offered by PomoDone is that it integrates with existing apps, rather than operating as a standalone time tracking tool.

Using PomoDone, it’s possible to pull task lists from existing productivity apps automatically. Users need only select the projects or tasks they want to track with PomoDone, define specific tags for them, and get to work. PomoDone operates through a simple browser plugin, which also allows users to block specific domains — such as social media sites — until Pomodoro work intervals are complete.

PomoDone is one of many cloud-based productivity tools that can be used to streamline your workflow and increase business productivity. If you’re interested in the potential benefits of cloud-based applications to your business, such as cloud-based accounting solutions, reach out to Fullstack today.

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