Futrli Review: Reporting and Modelling Toolkit for Xero

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Accurate forecasting is essential when developing an effective growth strategy. Futrli is a flexible reporting and modeling toolkit that integrates directly with Xero — here’s how it can help your business manage cash flow.

Futrli is a forecasting and reporting toolkit designed to integrate with the Xero cloud accounting suite. By pulling data directly from Xero, Futrli provides small businesses with the ability to capture real-time insights into the current and future state of their business and make informed decisions.

Strategic planning relies on accurate real-time data. Businesses of all sizes thrive on preparation — business owners need access to reliable, accurate data that can be used to predict a range of different factors that influence cash flow and growth rate.

Accurate forecasting allows business owners to anticipate possible sales volumes, inventory status, manufacturing capability, or predict demand. Collecting the data necessary to create an accurate forecast, however, can be time consuming. Spreadsheets and other static data formats are difficult to interpret, reducing the effectiveness of planning and forecasting. Futrli does a better job.

What is Futrli?

Futrli is a streamlined, easy to use forecasting and reporting suite that provides business owners with collaborative prediction tools based on real-time data. Futrli delivers smart forecasting functionality that allows businesses and advisors to remain in control of cash flow, presented in an interactive dashboard format.

A major advantage delivered by Futrli is the ability to work on forecasts and reports in a collaborative manner. Static formats such as spreadsheets are difficult to interpret and share across multiple team members — Futrli allows businesses, advisors, and team members to view the same forecasts and reports in real-time, or share reports directly with accounting specialists.

Futrli Pricing & Plans

Futrli offers a transparent pricing model with options that range from single small business solutions to services designed for large-scale accounting firms.

There is a single business plan that allows business owners and advisors to generate unlimited reports and share them across unlimited users, with dedicated online support for $80/month. Accountants that require forecasting tools for up to 20 businesses can access the solution for $325/month.

Importantly, Futrli allows businesses to try the reporting and forecasting suite on a 7-day trial for free, with no need to provide credit card details.

Futrli Forecasting & Reporting

Futrli provides users with a diverse range of features. The cash flow forecasting tools allow businesses to build accurate three-way forecasts in a few clicks, using data drawn directly from Xero. It provides a full breakdown of cash inflows and outgoings alongside automated tax calculation.

The scenario modeling functionality delivered by Futrli allows users to view potential outcomes and scenarios side by side, providing “what if” modeling features that present forecasts in an easy-to-understand visual format.

The Futrli KPI library and formula builder streamlines the process of KPI tracking — the suite presents KPIs via an intuitive dashboard that can be quickly created and shared using templates.

Futrli & Xero

Futrli pulls financial data directly from Xero, providing detailed insights in to real-time business KPIs and other data. The tool kit allows for daily, weekly, and monthly reporting, and deliver flexible team permissions — users are able to tailor the permission level of each user granted access, limiting what managers, department heads, and team members are able to see.

Futrli also allows businesses to use linked forecasts in order to create and test best, working, and worst case possible outcomes. The app makes it possible to share insights created by the solution’s reporting across smartphones, tablets, and desktops, allowing team members and business owners to observe progress and reports from anywhere, at any time.

Futrli and Xero work together to provide you with a deeper insight into the day-to-day performance of your business. If you’re interested in getting Futrli set up with Xero, reach out to Fullstack today.

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Stuart Reynolds is the founder of Fullstack Advisory, an award-winning accounting firm for businesses leading the future. He is a 3rd generation accountant who specialises in tech & online companies.

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