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Fullstack Appoints Chief Operating Officer


A tech-native tax specialist joins the executive team.

Fullstack Advisory today announced that Tax Manager, Tanya Christie, will be joining the firm’s executive team as Chief Operating Officer effective 1 June.

Ms Christie has over 10 years’ experience serving international businesses in tax, vCFO and strategic advisory. Prior to joining the company in October 2020, Tanya was a Tax Manager at Merit Partners in Darwin and ran her own firm overseas.

Tanya has been bringing her substantial experience across tax & commercial advisory to Fullstack to help support its mission of helping more tech & innovative entrepreneurs succeed. Her skills and experience across all aspects of business, tax, advisory and accounting have proven useful for both clients and the firm as a whole. Her experience includes international tax, financial modelling, strategic advice, automations and financial accounting.

When asked about her thoughts on the appointment, Tanya explained:
“Being part of Fullstack has changed my life in a very tangible way. We’re able to make a genuine impact on the lives of our employees and our clients. The accounting industry is known to be a certain way *cough* boring, but at Fullstack we don’t force staff to fit in a box, we’d rather build them a custom box that they can flourish in. As I’ve said before, it truly feels like I’ve found my place in the universe and hope that we can support others to experience the same.”

“The level of insights that Tanya brings to the firm from a tax & internal tech strategic level are interstellar,” says Stuart Reynolds, CEO. “Over the time spent in the firm to date, Tanya has already overseen an incredible amount of growth across systems, networks, & capability and we are excited for the next stage of evolution at Fullstack with Tanya as COO.”

“Whilst accounting firms haven’t automated the tax function for clients entirely, Tanya will no doubt play a strong role in creating a better experience.”

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