Flare HR Review: Boost Your Employee Engagement

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Employee engagement is critical, but time consuming. Flare HR integrates with Xero to speed up onboarding and upgrade your employee value proposition.

Finding and hiring the right staff for your business is a difficult process. Once you’ve found the right employees, however, managing them and retaining them can be a headache. Flare HR offers businesses a range of tools that free up time by automating the onboarding and HR process, allowing business owners to focus on more important tasks.

Flare HR is a powerful HR tool that integrates with Xero to improve employee engagement and allow employees to manage themselves. We’ll proceed to break down the benefits and features of Flare to help you assess whether Flare is the right HR solution for your business.

What is Flare HR?

Flare is a HR automation tool set designed to minimize administrative work and improve employee satisfaction. The product suite focuses on streamlining interactions between employers and employees by improving transparency and offering a range of perks and financial tools.

Flare HR, unlike other HR management tools that work with Xero, isn’t wholly focused on optimizing the HR management process. In contrast with more complex HR tools such as Employment Hero, The product suite is primarily focused on improving employee engagement and retention through a unique set of financial benefits and perks.

Flare HR Pricing & Plans

Flare HR pricing is somewhat opaque when compared to other HR management tools designed to integrate with Xero, but does offer a wider range of free features.

The core tools, including onboarding, core HR management, financial benefits, and perks system are free to use. Getting started with Flare does incur a variable configuration fee, however, that covers the initial setup of the solution. This fee varies depending on the size of your organization, number of employees, and the number of different workflows and processes that must be integrated.

Onboarding, Engagement & HR Functionality

Flare HR’s automated HR management functionality provides businesses with the ability to create a completely paperless employee database that tracks employee history within a business, records employee details, and stores employment contracts.

Notably, Flare HR includes entitlement management, such as leave requests — employees are able to submit and track leave requests. Other processes that can be automated by Flare include salary changes and employee exits.

Updating employee details such as banking, superannuation, and personal details can place significant strain on HR staff. Flare allows employees to update their own information through a simple interface that minimizes the amount of time spent on time-consuming administrative updates.

The product suite also provides a basic performance review function that allows businesses to set and review goals with employees, tracking self-assessments and manager assessments that are stored against employee profiles. Flare’s performance review functionality is not as complex as other HR solutions, such as Employment Hero, but is suitable for basic performance reviews and is not charged as an additional service.

Financial Benefits

Flare places an emphasis on empowering employees by delivering financial education and a variety of financial tools that help your employees manage their finances more efficiently.

A unique pay routing function allows employees to divide their pay across multiple bank accounts in order to promote a balanced distribution across savings, spending, and superannuation, alongside a “financial wellness” content channel designed to deliver educational financial content.

Employee Perks & Wellness

Flare HR offers a unique perks feature that allows businesses to offer a range of benefits to employees at no cost to the business itself. The perks include access to mindfulness apps, discounted gym and fitness memberships, nutrition and meal plan delivery companies, brand discounts, and discount movie tickets in order to promote employee satisfaction.

Flare HR & Xero

Flare integrates directly with Xero, which allows businesses to minimize the amount of administrative time spent on updating payroll data, leave requests, and other transactional HR-related tasks.

Flare HR can help your business minimize HR and administrative costs while improving overall employee satisfaction and engagement, at minimal cost. For more information on getting Flare HR or Xero set up at your business, reach out to Fullstack today.

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