Employee Share Option Plans (ESOP)

Get employees invested in the business with company ownership via an ESOP.

What is an ESOP?

Employee Share Option Plans (ESOP) are structured arrangements to give your employees partial ownership of the company. With ESOPs everyone shares in the business’ success. These are offered to employees usually at nil to minimal cost as part of an employee’s remuneration package.


    Structured correctly, ESOPs

  • Help your staff to think more like business owners.
  • Promote better aligned goals & vision for the company.
  • Lock staff in for the long haul.
  • Reduce staff turnover & the associated costs of recruitment fees, training & IP
  • Don’t create upfront tax obligation on the shares or options.

A Fullstack ESOP Perspective


The implementation of an ESOP requires full consideration of the tax, disclosure & HR dimensions.

Fullstack’s approach is detailed & meticulous to help keep the ESOP setup process on target.


We provide both founders and employees comfort around setting up ESOPs as a key part of the remuneration package.

We have a wealth of supporting educational material to ensure everyone is informed, comfortable and ready.


We prepare ESOPs for the long term and inline with ATO & ASIC requirements.

By working with Fullstack you are committed in getting ESOPs right from the beginning.

Check your eligibility for the startup tax concessions

These allow your employees to defer most upfront tax considerations on receiving Employee Share Option Plans. Enquire now to find out your eligibility.

Bringing your
ESOP into action


We first determine with you the overall employee strategy and assess whether an ESOP would be ideal for your business.

We then educate you on the details of ESOP & review your eligibility for the startup concession.


We seek to understand your business’ needs & then engineer a matching employee share strategy (be it an ESS or ESOP arrangement) to best serve your needs.


We implement the arrangement to obtain buy in from both employees and founders.

The documentation is tailored to your business, with all necessary steps explained fairly and clearly to all relevant team members.


Implementing ESOPs is just the beginning. We help you manage all the necessary aspects to ensure the arrangement is a success.




  • Review of company’s eligibility for Startup Concession
  • Letter of advice outlining eligibility, suitability and implementation plan
  • ESOP education briefing to owners
  • ESOP suitability assessment



  • Work with you to develop ESOP strategy, unique to your company
  • Outline and manage implementation of ESOP
  • Concessional valuation of shares for the Startup Concession**
  • Preparation of tailored ESOP documentation for legal review*
  • Set-up options register
  • Facilitate initial offers of option to employees
  • Organise ESS statements for first year


Ask for a quote

  • Facilitating further offers to new or existing employees
  • Maintaining options register
  • Assisting with the exercise of options by employees
  • Annual valuation of options to be used for new offers**
  • Annual update to employees on the status of their vested options
  • Support for questions about the ESOP from management and employees
  • Preparation and lodgement of annual report to employees and ATO
Terms & Conditions
  • Pricing on packages ex GST. • Structured as a flat fee quoted beforehand.

Help your employees get invested in the company

Reach out to our team to discuss implementing a straightforward ESOP for your venture.