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Stocky App Review

Stocky App Review

Inventory management that is effective is a strategic advantage for your brick-and-mortar retail business. Selling out of in-demand products can be detrimental to sales but keeping too much inventory on hand can deplete your resources. The Stocky App by Shopify can help you optimize your inventory decisions. Spend less time worrying about which products to buy and more time maximizing your profits by selecting the best product mix for your company.

Profitability is increased

Increase sales and have a clearer picture of which products to order when depending on product performance and seasonality.

Eliminate inventory loss

Keep track of what has been received and what is departing from your store. THe Stocky App will recognize when inventory levels fall below a certain level so you can place purchase orders or transfer things.

Save time and eliminate errors

Eliminate the need for various spreadsheets or systems management. Utilize a single tool to keep track of all your merchandise across all of your locations.

Key Features

Purchase orders can be created and managed in a single location. Be more efficient in communicating with your supply chain and know exactly what is coming in and when.

Recommendations based on your sales rate are provided in demand forecasting. Be aware of which products are more profitable and which ones you should reorder at the appropriate times.

Receiving: Ensure that your employees have complete access to all locations and warehouses where goods are stored. Using a barcode scanner, your employees can swiftly and precisely receive and place merchandise.

In order to meet client demand, replenish inventory as rapidly as possible. Transfer merchandise between Shopify POS locations or your Shopify admin account.

Allow your employees to do regular stocktakes and modifications by allowing them to simply count or scan the stock on hand.

Use data and insights to make smart inventory decisions. Data on low stock and best sellers may be found here as well as information on stock on hand and ABC analysis.

Integrations: The Stocky App is compatible with the Shopify POS Pro

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