Crowdcast.io Review: Engage New Business

Crowdcast.io Review

Webinars are rapidly becoming the most efficient way to engage new business and manage remote employees. Crowdcast.io is a highly popular webinar and live streaming platform — is it right for your business needs?

Webinar and live video platforms provide Australian businesses with a rapidly-growing new channel that can be used to acquire new business, enter new markets, and retain existing customers. Crowdcast.io is a powerful tool in this environment.

Both B2B and B2C webinars aren’t limited solely to the world of inbound marketing, however — webinars can also be used to organize critical meetings, train or coach staff, or deliver additional value to customers and clients.

Hosting an informative, engaging webinar expands your existing marketing funnel, creates new prospects that can interact with your business, deliver product or service demonstrations, or interactively collaborate with remote staff.

Determining where to start with webinars, however, can be difficult. Effective webinar platforms should deliver ease of use, provide robust functionality at a cost-effective price, and include the ability to host on-demand webinars that allow your audience to view your video content when your business is not online.

Crowdcast.io is one of the most popular and widely-used webinar platforms online today — here’s what you need to know about it in order to determine whether it’s the right option for your business needs.

What is Crowdcast.io?

Crowdcast.io is a webinar and live streaming platform that promises live interactive conversations at scale. The core purpose of Crowdcast.io isn’t limited solely to business use — Crowdcast.io is designed for businesses, marketers, online coaches, and content creators.

The business applications of Crowdcast.io make it highly attractive in seeking to establish a webinar or live streaming presence. Through Crowdcast.io, it’s possible to create a dedicated business channel that publishes webinars, live question and answer sessions, coaching or training content, interviews, or meetings.

A major advantage of Crowdcast.io is ease of use. Unlike other webinar and live streaming solutions, Crowdcast.io doesn’t require the installation of any software.

Crowdcast.io Features

The business applications of Crowdcast.io can be divided into three broad sections — Q&A’s and community engagement, webinars, and live courses.

Crowdcast.io’s community engagement feature set allows businesses to create live interviews, question and answer sessions, or interactive conversations. These webinars can be enhanced through the use of live polls and live chat in order to engage your audience, and can be streamed to major social media platforms such as Facebook live.

Crowdcast.io’s webinar feature set is the major draw of the platform, and provides simple, easy to use webinar deployment without the need for technical skills or software installation. Crowdcast.io provides built-in lead and conversion tools that automatically capture emails and send push notifications, as well as providing on-demand replays.

Notably, Crowdcast.io integrates with over 500 third party tools, software solutions, and platforms, including Slack, Typeform, Salesforce, and Mailchimp, with built-in analytics delivering deep insight into audience engagement.

Businesses interested in leveraging webinars in order to train or coach staff are able to use Crowdcast.io’s interactive live classroom functionality to engage with and teach employees live from anywhere in the world. Slide sharing, course creation functionality, and one-on-one coaching features deliver robust HR functionality that streamlines and automates remote employee management.

What’s the Benefit of Crowdcast.io?

Crowdcast.io is a powerful team development and management tool for remote teams but is most effective when used as part of a robust marketing strategy. 73 percent of B2B marketers highlight webinars as an effective lead generation tool. Recent data published by Zoom indicates that between 20 to 40 percent of all webinar attendees turn into qualified leads.

Whether your business operates in the B2C or B2B sector, operating regular webinars as an element of your marketing strategy can deliver significant returns for negligible outlay. Engaging your client or customer base with webinars through Crowdcast.io ensures ongoing business, enhancing existing business relationships.

Crowdcast.io Pricing

Crowdcast.io offers four separate pricing plans that scale based on the amount of time you’ll need to spend live streaming or broadcasting webinars and the number of collaborators or attendees.

Crowdcast.io’s Starter plan, priced at $20 per month, offers up to 50 live attendees during webinars or streams, with five hours of streaming per month. The starter plan includes a “basic” feature set, which is present in all other plans and includes up to two hour sessions at a time, HD video streaming and recording, multi-session events, and integration with third party platforms.

The Lite plan is priced at $34 per month, offering up to 100 attendees per stream and 10 hours of streaming per month. The Lite plan includes event and session analytics in addition to the basic feature set.

Crowdcast.io’s Pro plan is priced at $62 per month and hosts up to 250 attendees per stream with 20 hours of streaming per month. The Pro plan is the first plan that offers streams of up to 4 hours and is thus suitable for businesses seeking to perform lengthy training or collaboration sessions.

Lastly, Crowdcast.io’s Business plan is aimed at startups and companies focused on generating new leads and engaging with potential customers. Priced at $137 per month, the Business plan offers up to 1000 attendees per stream, with 40 hours of streaming per month.

It’s important to note that, while Crowdcast.io is ideal for small to medium enterprises focused on lead generation and conversion or employee training, the limit on connected viewers does present an issue for large-scale webinars. Viewers counts over the amount included in each respective plan incur a charge of $0.15 per user, which can quickly add up.

Crowdcast.io does, however, offer a rich feature set and includes a broad range of marketing and analytics tools. It’s possible to try Crowdcast.io out on a 2-week free trial that includes 30 minute sessions of up to 10 live attendees.

Key Takeaways

Webinars and live streaming have become highly popular methods of engaging with both customers and employees, but can be cumbersome and costly to implement. Crowdcast.io’s webinar solution is ideal for small to medium enterprises seeking an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution, and is free from complex software installation or technical requirements.

Implementing a new marketing strategy that includes webinars or live streaming can attract new business but can be complicated. If you’re currently considering entering a new market or launching a new business process, reach out to Fullstack for comprehensive guidance today.

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