Unlocking Government’s Smart Capital with the Accelerating Commercialisation grant

The Accelerating Commercialisation (AC) program helps early stage ventures commercialise “novel products, processes and services” to a national level.

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The Benefits

First, being part of the Accelerating Commercialisation Portfolio gets your company publicly listed on a database, gives you a commercialisation advisor contact and also gives you opportunities to connect with a new Expert Network of advisors.

Secondly, your venture could be eligible for grants up to $1 million under a company structure. After an initial expression of interest is completed, you may be invited to apply for the cash grants.

Are we Eligible?

The Accelerating Commercialisation has a number of different criteria:

  • Any funding needs to be matched by the business.
  • If you have already made sales and are looking for funding for scale or marketing you won’t qualify.
  • It’s worth completing the Expression of Interest before launching your MVP.
  • Your first sales need to be in Australia.
  • Maximum length of project is two years. Funding will be tied to agreed milestones around that timeframe.

Companies from any tech sector can apply.

The Accelerating Commercialisation program has stronger ties into the Expert Network of advisors, industry, corporations and government which has the potential to really scale early stage businesses.

It is important to note that the Accelerating Commercialisation Grant is decided on a competitive basis – so best to have serious grant expertise overseeing your application!

Fullstack connects emerging and established entrepreneurs with government funds for their venture. We listen to your business goals and portray your early stage venture in the most attractive manner for grant assessors.

Some key achievements of our team:

  • Managing the accounting & finance function for UHNW groups worth over $30 million.
  • CFO advisory services to startup projects from Shark Tank fame.
  • Provision of tax advice for listed entities with market capitalisation over $100 million.
  • Achieved over $10 million in government grants through R&D tax incentives.
  • Contributing accounting and advisory expertise to a number of valuable community associations.
  • Our executive team comes from a diverse background from working in top 10 accounting firms to working in listed multi-national entities. Over 40 years spent collectively in servicing the needs of entrepreneurs.
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The foremost experts in the Accelerating Commercialisation grant.

We write the application to give you best chances for success in this popular grant. Contact us at info@fullstack.com.au for a grant appraisal session today.