10 Udemy Courses to Help You Become a Better App Founder

10 Udemy Courses

Launching your app startup often means building your platform from the ground up. These 10 Udemy courses will arm you with the tools you need to help ensure your app is a success.

The app startup ecosystem is extremely competitive — Gartner data indicates that less than 0.01 percent of all consumer mobile apps achieve commercial success.

Enhancing your skills as an app founder can dramatically increase your chances of success. A study published in Small Business Economics investigating the benefits of human capital investment in startup success found that investing in additional industry-specific training can dramatically improve the survivability and profitability of a small startup.

Upgrading your skill set as a founder will better help you develop innovative concepts and convert them into effective, profitable enterprises. Identifying the best resources to enhance your app development & founder skills however can be a complicated and time consuming process.

Udemy is here to help. Udemy is an online training marketplace that allows experts of any kind to create tightly-focused training courses on virtually any subject or discipline. Rather than offer academic programs driven by collegiate coursework, Udemy offers “crowdsourced” courses that are ranked by popularity.

Some of the most effective app development and startup operation guides online can be found via Udemy. The following 10 Udemy courses will help arm you with the tools, skills, and knowledge you need to launch your app from the best possible position.

1. The Complete Facebook Sales Funnel Blueprint

Facebook marketing has become an extremely important element of the sales funnel of any startup. 78 percent of US-based consumers made purchases based on Facebook marketing in 2018, partly due to the highly effective nature of Facebook marketing — 35 percent of marketers that leverage Facebook-based advertising report a positive ROI.

Despite the high ROI offered by Facebook advertising, however, few marketers actually leverage the benefits it offers — just four percent of marketers actively use Facebook ads. The structure of Facebook sales funnel can be confusing, which often leads to ineffective or costly campaigns.

The Complete Facebook Sales Funnel Blueprint, available via Udemy, is designed to provide startups and small businesses with a complete breakdown of the Facebook sales funnel. The Facebook Sales Funnel Blueprint guide provides a comprehensive explanation of email sequences, landing pages, video pages, and lead magnet creation, establishing a framework that aspiring app founders can use to launch a highly effective strategy to bring their app to market.

2. SEO & Social Media Marketing Strategy To Reach 1,000,000 People

Social media marketing and SEO have both been empirically proven to have a profound impact on the growth, adoption, and profitability of app startup businesses. SEO can be difficult to optimize, however Operating an effective SEO and social media marketing campaign necessitates the development of a nuanced strategy that takes into account the progressively decreasing effectiveness of SEO.

SEO & Social Media Marketing Strategy To Reach 1,000,000 Ppl” is a growth hacking course available via Udemy that provides app developers. The course is primarily concerned with optimizing SEO campaigns in order to ensure profitability, covering long-tail keyword research, cornerstone SEO page development, Amazon and Kindle book promotion, and the composition of headlines that enhance click-through rates.

The course also includes a series of tools that can be used to increase the effectiveness of SEO campaigns, such as plugins that automatically translate SEO content into various languages to expand international reach.

3. Product Management 101

Developing a successful app requires a high level of market research, careful planning, targeted marketing, and delivering a seamless user experience. App product management encapsulates all of these steps.

The broad nature of product management necessitates a well-planned product management strategy. Udemy’s Product Management 101 course is designed to enhance the product management capabilities of app founders, focusing on strategic product management that delivers a tangible impact on the growth of an app startup.

Product Management 101 covers market intelligence, strategy, new product development, and lifecycle management. If you’re new to the product management process, the Product Management 101 course is an ideal entry point that outlines the basic structure and flow of developing a well-rounded product portfolio.

4. Learn Figma – UI/UX Design Essential Training

User interface and user experience design is integral to the adoption, marketability, and longevity of any app. Well-designed UX and UI elements will captivate and engross customers and enhance brand perception.

The UX and UI design process is rarely limited to one individual designer — the design process is collaborative, allowing multiple designers to collectively develop and refine UI and UX concepts. Team-based design platforms allow design teams to work together on design projects, simplifying the design process and maximizing productivity.

Figma is a cloud-based design tool that facilitates team-based UX and UI design. Udemy’s Learn Figma – UI/UX Design Essential Training course is a straightforward program that covers the basics of Figma design. Learn Figma also covers cost-saving techniques such as the development of reusable design elements and real-time collaboration techniques.

5. JavaScript for Beginners

JavaScript is the underlying language of a vast amount of webapps, smartphone apps, and cloud-based services. JavaScript allows app developers to deliver better UX and UI, various content elements, and is widely appraised as the easiest language for newer app developers to learn.

Javascript for Beginners: Learn by Doing Practical Exercises” is an absolute beginners JavaScript training course published on Udemy that breaks down the bare essentials of JavaScript composition. The course educates app founders on how to write basic JavaScript functions, loops, and condition structures, as well as covering Javascript math operations, arrays, and variables.

While the Javascript for Beginners course won’t arm app founders with the high level of technical expertise required to compose a finished app, it does assist in the development of a basic foundation on coding that can be used to progress into more advanced courses.

6. AWS Basics – For Beginners and Intermediates

If you’re building an app, you’re going to need to put it somewhere — apps are typically hosted on shared hosting, VPS hosting, or cloud hosting. Cloud-based hosting is highly scalable and in many cases is the most efficient choice for apps that plan for massive, rapid deployment and adoption.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the largest and most widely-used cloud platforms online, providing developers with services such as data storage, cloud-based app development and deployment, machine learning, and AI. The highly scalable nature of AWS allows for rapid app adoption — AirBnB, for example, shifted to AWS in 2009 and now manages over 4.5 billion properties in 81,000 cities around the world.

AWS Basics – For beginners and intermediates is a Udemy course that delivers a clear and concise explanation of how to leverage AWS features such as EC2, Storage Services, S3, and Lambda, as well as a spectrum of management tools and best practices for security and user roles.

7. App Deployment Using Heroku and Docker

Depending on the complexity and scale of the app you’re building, you’re likely to encounter complicated deployment requirements. Both Docker and Heroku can be used to develop and deploy apps in a straightforward manner by using containers, which pack up all of the necessary parts of an app and ship it as a single package.

Heroku and Docker both allow app developers to deploy apps via containers. Heroku is a lightweight container that runs a single specified command, abstracting the container away from users. As the first application-centric app development and deployment tool, Heroku is straightforward, but can place limitations on app developers.

Docker is an open-source container standard that offers a greater degree of flexibility when compared to Heroku, but is more complex and difficult to get started with for newer app developers. Udemy offers simple, easy to understand courses on both options that provide app founders with a basic understanding of each.

Docker and Kubernetes: The Complete Guide is a comprehensive course that details the building, testing, and deployment process for Docker applications, while Heroku for PHP is a less complex primer on the basics of Heroku deployment.

8. Mobile App Marketing 2020: ASO, Advertising & Monetization

Developing a strong app with an appealing UX and UI is important — but no app is effective without a concrete monetization strategy. Monetization, however, is difficult. 72 percent of consumers expect apps to deliver free content, with just 1.6 percent of all app users making in-app purchases.

An effective monetization strategy ensures apps are promoted efficiently, supported by a robust launch strategy, and are able to compete with other similar apps in the app marketplace. Mobile App Marketing 2020: ASO, Advertising & Monetization is an Udemy course that specializes in-app monetization, assisting app founders in creating positive cash flow subsequent to launch.

Mobile App Marketing 2020 covers app store optimization, user retention, engagement, and reviews, and outlines a broad spectrum of app monetization strategies such as in-app purchases, affiliate products, advertising, and subscription models. By arming app developers with a variety of monetization tactics, Mobile App Marketing 2020 establishes a strong foundation from which founders are able to generate profit as soon as possible.

9. Build and Deploy Apps with NodeJS

Learning JavaScript basics is the first step in understanding the entirety of the app development process. Once you’ve grasped the basics of JavaScript, it’s essential to branch out into more complex applications of JavaScript, such as NodeJS.

NodeJS is an open-source JavaScript runtime environment that executes JavaScript outside of a browser. The scalable, dynamic, cross-platform capabilities of NodeJS has made it an essential element of modern apps, and is thus been embraced by multiple app startups and enterprises.

Node Program: From 0 to Hero with Nodejs and MongoDB is the most popular Udemy course focused on NodeJS. Node Program consists of a brief refresher course on JavaScript basics, a comparison between JavaScript and NodeJS, and a full breakdown of how to build a NodeJS application from scratch and deploy it via Heroku or AWS.

10. Building Apps With VueJS

Like NodeJS, VueJS is best approached after mastering the basics of JavaScript. Unlike NodeJS, however, VueJS isn’t primarily focused on deployment. Instead, VueJS is an open-source JavaScript framework for building both user interfaces and single-page apps.

If you’ve got a firm grip on JavaScript fundamentals, there are several courses available on Udemy that offer hands-on guidance that breaks down the VueJS development process. Vue JS 2.0 – Mastering Web Apps is an Udemy course primarily aimed towards kinesthetic learners, providing app founders with a straightforward step-by-step guide on how to build five different VueJS web apps with full authentication services and real-time databases.

Build Web Apps with Vue JS 2 & Firebase is another Udemy course that incorporates Google’s Firebase app development platform. This course provides app founders with the tools needed to both develop and deploy VueJS apps, running trainees through the build and deploy process for three individual demonstration apps.

Leveraging the best resources available is essential when developing and launching a new tech platform. In addition to expanding your app development skill set, it’s important to launch your startup with an efficient business plan and structure. If you’re planning on launching a new startup, reach out to Fullstack for business planning guidance today.

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