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Strategy Sessions


“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” – Phil Jackson

Our popular ‘brainstorm’ strategy sessions give you access to a team of financial and entrepreneurial expertise to employ for your business vision. As business coaches and mentors, we dive deep into the core matters to effect innovative and positive breakthroughs.


Don’t make important financial decisions in a bubble – have trusted independent mentors help guide you past the pitfalls to achieve success.


We keep your goals front-of-mind


By keeping year-round contact and strategy sessions we maintain your best interests for a truly personalised service. Receive the very best information, advice & support to maximise the value of your business.


You will also have access to our network of legal, finance and commercial partners to support your broader needs.


Empower yourself and your business with our deep expertise.

Have a New Business Idea?

We make an educated forecast of the figures for you to see whether it is a winner, and road-test different scenarios. We expand your network also by putting you in contact with the right people for your vision.

Considering a big purchase?

We can calculate how the additional repayments will affect your cashflow. As well advise on the tax implications and how to maximise the deductions.

Questions about employees/HR?

We advise whether your business should take on extra employees, outsourced contractors and determine the tax impact. We also detail how to manage various stages of the employment cycle.